Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sibling love

Best Arizona helpers Ever... Jojo and Anna!  
They have loved having extra time with friends... but in all honestly they have been a huge help!
They are more than willing to feed, diaper, and hold sweet little Kaliyah!

And she seems pretty dog gone comfortable with them too:) 

I know that there are 5 more siblings at home in Illinois, that can't wait to get their hands back on Kaliyah... 

I was 100% planning on staying on here in AZ, just Kaliyah and I, and it was almost as if God just whispered, "Think about keeping Jojo and Anna here too."  It has been such a blessing and gift to my heart to have them here too.  I think it has helped me in not being overly homesick.  

We have been able to completely keep up with our homeschooling, they have been a big help with some household chores, and it has just been fun to have them here with me.  

So thankful for all three of these kids that I get to spend these special days with. 

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