Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer lovin...

My heart is full of loving on these little men...

I am so thankful to be their mommy!  

That was a first in Estes trying to keep both happy in the ergos...

There are moments, like right now:) of teething, ear infections, grumpiness and utter joy all in a matter of minutes... Such is the life with little ones... (And quite honestly with the big ones too, even us adults at times:)  

And out come the back packs for a quick trip with the daddy of the house joining us this go around... We will be so thankful to have him with us! 

Now if we could just get on top of that laundry pile and dishes we could be out the door in no time... Thankful the for the everyday reminders that I have that laundry and dishes because our house is full of the sounds of happy  healthy kids... what a gift:)  So thankful!

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