Saturday, August 16, 2014

Estes... A little bit of Heaven...

A little step back to recap the end of our vacation to Estes park:)

Day 1 Estes Park... Total rain and fog:(:(
Noooooo!!! We only had 2 days there... 

Soooo....We hit the charming town... Left the Chinese restaurant because my child "dropped his fork".  A story for an whole other day... Went night swimming in the heated outdoor pool... It was warm and freezing all at the same time...:):). Making memories:) 

Day 2... Woke up up to quickly pack and quickly got set back by a killer migraine...
Ergggggg!!! No good when you are down to your last day to conquer some hiking trails... I was so bummed...

Praise God!  For His speedy healing a good nap and we were off to Rocky Mountain National Park to do one of our favorite hikes... I was still pretty nauseas... But thankfully it passed pretty quick once we were on the trail:)

Isaiah and I loved checking out God's amazing creation... SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Can you believe this reflection... This was dream lake on the nimph, dream, and emerald lake trail... It is the perfect hike for a crew like ours... A decent workout especially with an extra 30 lbs tacked on your back... But easy enough for Even Hope to do on her own... And gorgeous!!

At the top at Emerald lake:)

This guy and 5 of his friends joined us on the trail:)

Hopie girl found this really cool tree trunk:)

Caleb and his hiking partner... Until he filled his pants... Then he became my partner for the hike down:) bad mom move... All the diapers were left in the car:)

Seven of my sweet blessings!!  What a treat to experience the beauty of Colorado with them:)

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