Saturday, August 16, 2014

A little time away!!

Someone doesn't mind the long drive to the cabin... :)

The "super moon" over fence lake... 

Wow, we have been blessed with some beautiful moonrises over the lake every night and eagles perched in the pine tree right at the end of the pier during the day.  

God's Amazing creation:)

This is the face of one little guy thrilled with his Paul Bunyan dough nut... 

Pretty much a face replicated 8 times over around our table... Sugar overload... But so delish!! 

Sweet brothers enjoying the sand together... 

Some one is ready for grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.. This kid TOTALLY cracks me up!!  He is enthusiastic over pretty much everything:) 

Thankful to share this week with my sweet Anna... Many games of solitaire, sequence, garbage, and life on the farm happening around here... 

Enjoying the shallow sandy shore around the point on the lake... Collecting clams, snails, and playing football:)

The chase is ON!!!

A boy and his little brother:) 

Thankful for the chance for some family r and r ... So thankful to my parents for letting us use their place... What a gift!

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