Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This kid... and another young one...(at least young compared to me:)

So today his birthday wish finally came true....
He was able to use his money to bless some very special kids in Uganda...
Jojo has been bugging me for the last few weeks if we could finally purchase something for a special friend in Uganda.  He was so excited!

He was sort of hoping to get a washing machine, but when he heard the real need was for cribs... he jumped at the chance...
So today when our friend finally went public with the launching of her new ministryhttp://www.thegemfoundation.com/  to special needs orphans in Uganda Jojo said, "Let's do it now!"

And he did...  You should have seen his smile! Almost every penny he has to his name... but he couldn't have been happier!
I do not share this at all to speak boastfully... but truly to share how God can move in anyone's heart... old ... young... sick... healthy... anyone...
And He will take a willing heart and do so much more than we ever thought possible in our own minds...
And that is exactly what He is doing in the life of Jojo and of our young friend Emma in Uganda.
Here she is 20 years old starting a ministry to some special treasures in Uganda... at 20 years of age!!!

I continue to learn from Jojo... and Emma:)

Never squelch a generous heart... let the holy spirit work in the hearts of your kids... (Greg and I almost wanted to encourage him to give less and purchase a smaller gift... He insisted, and I know God will be glorified in it!)

Never underestimate what God can do through anyone... yourself included!  He will take the most ordinary people and do extraordinary things through them for His glory!

Please go look at Emma's new ministry, The Gem Foundation and consider supporting this amazing missionary and her new ministry... She is the real deal!  http://www.thegemfoundation.com/  I know you will be blessed by seeing this amazing young servant!

Here is Emma at our Christmas party this past January,  for some very special orphans:)

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