Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bonus Blessing

When we arrived in Schaumburg, we were given a pass to the city pools... Hello??? Best gift ever!  I think we made it worth our while just in the first 2 visits for what it would have cost us to go with out the passes... There are 3 pools and today we finally tried out the water park pool... Hello???  What have we been waiting for... It was the best yet for our crew. 
They had the greatest water park area for little kids... so bright, colorful, and fun!  Even Levi, who is a bit fearful of the water, loved splashing around.  Hope and Jojo of course were going gang busters!
Anna alternated between riding on the big slides and hanging out with us in the littler kid areas:)

Such a typical Hope expression...

Jojo and Isaiah chilling in the kiddie pool... It was a bit breezy today, but the water in the kiddie pool was much warmer:)  Doesn't Isaiah have the greatest smile ever!?


Levi's routine is to go up and down the slide again and again and again... of course he won't even budge from the top with out my hand holding his to come down the slide...  At the beginning of the summer he was afraid of it all... Now he actually enjoys a lot of it!:)  He has come a long way:) 

What an amazing gift to be given.  It is something we never would have known about or maybe even spent money on this summer with still owning our home in Oklahoma and all!  (Which by the way is set to close on the 16th, Lord willing) 
What generous hearts to bless us in this way... even having the pool pass has helped us get our feet wet here so to speak... making us a part of the community... sort of forcing us to take a break from the unpacking and organizing to have some fun... allowing us to visit with people at the pool... not to mention it has given us loads of fun and great memories... such a gift and such a sweet blessing! 

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Tesha Papik said...

What an AWESOME gift!!! I love your bathing suit, you look so beautiful!