Wednesday, June 5, 2013

such sweetness

such sweetness... amidst such a crazy week:):)

Isaiah started solids and seems to love it!

I think when it comes to moving he has been the easiest... he is so easy going... as long as you hold him, pay attention to him, change and feed him... he is good to go...

He is such an laid back guy!

 We had the great distraction of  Wisconsin cousins and grandparents coming to help and this weekend will be more of the same with Greg's installation service here.  I am really proud of the kids... they have worked hard and had really good attitudes about the move.  I know it was hard on them... especially the older 4...

It about tore my heart out when Jojo and our old neighbor boy were yelling over and over  and over again across our yards the night  before we left, " I will miss you... I will never forget you!"  After that jo just sobbed... " I never want to move again.... it is so hard!!"  
Rough stuff... but I think now that the hard goodbyes are behind us we can throw ourselves into life here...

We are thrilled that we already have friends planning to come visit and that helps too:)

The church has been so welcoming too.  I think we had 30 people here helping us unload yesterday... a HUGE blessing to us!  We were so thankful!  

Then tonight they had a welcoming dinner for us tonight with the call committee that did the searching and  interviewing for the new pastor.  It was a time of celebrating what God has done in answering theirs and our prayers in bringing us here.  It was a good time of getting to know new friends as well!  

We are really excited to be here.  I know Greg can't wait to jump into work... and once the house is a little more settled I can't wait to get us all involved... the faithfulness of God is evident all around us these days!


Becky said...

Oh my Sara, Isaiah is getting SO big! What a precious, handsome little gift from God. So glad you're off to a good, loving start in Illinois. I just love to hear when God's people show their appreciation for their pastor and family!! We're praying for your transition, so far it sounds like prayers are being answered. God has been faithful, and how fun to see what HE has in store for the Hintz crew in this new location :) **Heartbreaking hearing about the goodbyes, had to be so HARD :(...we'll pray more specifically for those tender hearts too. Love to you guys!

Tesha Papik said...

Isaiah is so adorable!:) Oh that story of Jo Jo just ripped my heart out. I move alot as a child and it was so hard. I am happy to hear you are feeling blessed with many helping hand. Praying for you to get everything in order quickly!