Sunday, June 16, 2013

God is so good

our sweet levi before church today.... getting ready for a hair cut:) 

The after shot!! Sweet little man!
( Please excuse all the typos... still posting off my phone... still no internet here yet:)

It has been crazy busy here.  We are still unpacking... but God has been so good and faithful!  We are so grateful!

This morning, father's day, I gave 3 of the  
 boys hair cuts, got all the littles showered and off to church.  We are really loving living right here on campus in the parsonage.  We literally left 7 minutes before church was to start... so nice!  (unfortunately... I completely forgot about and missed the voters meeting an hour earlier!  Duh!!

I tell you, moving brings about a million different feelings and
 emotions... and tonight while we did our devotions after dinner when we were reading in James and got to the quick to listen... slow to speak and slow to become angry part... I had to confess my lack of self control in the slow to become angry area... we had some
 laughs about it, but sadly I have to admit the truth there...

I have been less patient than I would like to admit...  I am the homemaker and with the home in chaos... I haven't done real well!  we finally got carpet I in our whole upstairs (praise God) we were finally able to say goodbye to plywood and airmatresses:):) (I know I totally sound like a spoiled american... I am sorry!)

 I also had a down day emotionally, just being overwhelmed with the amount of work to do and missing friends... which led to the very familiar feeling of being brand new in a place... not knowing many people and missing Samuel.  It led to a new different missing of my son... no more samuel's garden... no more home where he was alive inside of me... it was a sad hard day...

I know myself well enough to rally my praying friends to ask for prayer!  What a blessing and encouragement they are to me!  

And God was so faithful to send just the right phone calls from friends, emails from friends praying as well as a super sweet arrival of dear tulsa friends tonight! God knows exactly what we need and when we need it!  I am so grateful!  

We can not wait to show these friends around town... but even more so, just excited for late night talks, cuddles with the kids, visits to local stores and just being together!   God knew months ago we would need a visit with friends and he brought them at the perfect time!  

We had a nice father's day cook out with greg.  Tonight I am feeling so thankful for the dad that raised me with loads of love and laughs... the father who raised the man that would raise 7 kids with me here on sweet husband who has immediately jumped into minstry here and works so hard so I can be home with the kids!  
Feeling amazed and so thankful to our faithful God tonight!! 

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Katie McCrackin said...

I miss you so much!!!! Happy to hear things are going well :) and I bet all that does make you miss Samuel!!! I can't wait til we get to be with our babies again. Ah it will be so wonderful.

I want to come visit sometime next month :) can't wait til you're back!!! See you soon! Love ya and miss you all!!!