Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our girl..

The house is all quiet... now that is a rarity:)
I have the 3 littles and all 3 are napping... another rarity:)
I just got done reading with this precious pumpkin...
I don't think I have ever seen or personally had the priveledge of raising such a busy, wiggly little person... And oh,she is so affectionate!  Love this little one!
As we get ready to finalize Isaiah's adoption 2 weeks from today  (PRAISE GOD!!!) I can not help but think about Hopie's adoption journey... Up and down for sure... quite the emotional roller coaster... Yes, I think she will get to stay... oh then again maybe not... Ahh... 7 months of my heart literally all over the map:) 

Yesterday we had loads of tears from one youngster on the way home from coop... I literally called Greg in the car in front of me and said,"Detour to Braums for ice cream!"  (It was such a treat and not something we do often)  That is how we celebrated Hope's finalization... ice cream at Braums almost 3 years ago... Yesterday as we nibbled on our cones, all the kids were recalling Hope's finalization.
God is so good and faithful... I know I say it over and over again... but it is so true! Today in the car...even after a somewhat crazy ( 2 year old melt down) grocery store experience with the 3 littlest ... minus all my big helpers:)  I marveled that there I sat in my van with these 3 kids... all given to us by 3 amazing biological moms... all from such different circumstances in life... GIVEN TO US!!!  Wow!!!  Only God could do a work like that!   I can't tell you how often I look at them and am TOTALLY amazed at the gift that they are! EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!
Well, it is no longer quiet... Off to pack some boxes with a sweet little dark skinned 5 month old by my side:):)


Shelley Faust said...

I'm so sorry Isaiah was so upset after leaving co-op. His harem will miss him :)

Tesha Papik said...

OH they are miracles indeed!!! SO happy he is close to be yours forever:)