Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A new journey...

The packing has begun...

I've already had so say some goodbyes... ouch:( 

It is with great joy mixed with sadness that we move forward in a new journey the Lord has our family on in moving to Illinois.  Truly... life is so bittersweet... I have lived that fully the last 5+years... and now those feelings are so fresh. 

That bitter taste in your mouth as you say goodbye to precious friends who have literally walked right by your side through the valley of the shadow of death (that is a whole other post) and then the sweet of the excitement that a new journey brings. 

I am SO SO THANKFUL that the Lord made it abundantly clear what His will for our family was.  As we headed to visit the new church I had my list of questions and things that I wanted to make sure we talked about at some point over the weekend.  And the big majority of them were answered with out me even having to bring them up the night we got there.

Peace... sweet peace... the Lord gives us... (even amidst, laundry, dirty diapers, packing up 9 people for a move, meal prep...selling a home... the constant clean up... purging... the crazy singing 4 year old in my ear at the moment:):) 

There have been moments when I literally start to feel overwhelmed by the amount of things that need to be accomplished in the next 4 weeks... By the fact, that I CAN NOT be everything everyone wants me to be.  But the Lord gently whispers in my ear what really matters and continually gives me the reassurance that this is all in HIS perfect plan... I am so thankful to have that peace. 

I would love for you to pray that miraculously...

  • Our house would sell fast
  • For our kids in this transition... especially the older 2 boys (as it seems to be much harder for our older kids... although all in all they are doing sooooo good with the move)
  • For the Lord to multiply our time to get everything done and still be able to to spend time with those we love here before we go.
  • That God would fully prepare our family and the church we are headed to for the great ministry that the Lord will accomplish there. (We can not wait to see the plans of the Lord unfold there as it was precious to see a passion to reach all people for the Lord, and a warm love among the people there)
  • And of course for our church here... that the Lord would do amazing things after we leave.  We desire only the best for Immanuel.  That God will provide the exact person that He wants and needs here to take Greg's place to truly accomplish the ministry that the Lord desires to be done here. 
  • For our hearts as we say goodbyes in the coming days... I desire the constant peace of the Lord amidst the sadness of leaving people we love...
We serve such a good and faithful God!!!


Tesha Papik said...

SO excited for you and praying MANY prayers!!!

Anonymous said...

love you and praying for you all! chris and mary