Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Emma, who helped her dad head up the trip to Uganda that Louis and G went on in February is headed back with another GO TEAM in June... I can't believe that is just over a month away...  It seems like we were just planning for my men's trip:)

They are heading up  Project snack bag.  If you want to know more, check out Emma's blog post... www.emonamission.blogspot.com  (I am not sure why it isn't working to just link it???  but maybe you can just type it in the toolbar, like the good old days:)

The littler kids in our Home school coop decided that they wanted to be a part, so last Tuesday we packed snack bags and wrote/colored notes for the street children in Uganda.  They went out in the mail today! It is crazy to think that in a little over a month precious little ones like the ones in the pictures above will be munching on them and reading a sweet little note from our kids.  I love seeing our little ones sharing the love of Jesus in this precious, tummy filling, way! As we go on with our daily lives, it just breaks my heart the difficulties even the littlest children face.  Pray with me that the Holy Spirit will use Project Snack bag as a  way to point these little ones to their Heavenly Father...that they can see the love of Jesus through the love shown to them...


Tesha said...

How very sweet and what a wonderful lesson :)

Becky said...

What an amazing and sweet little project that will make a big impression, I'm sure! I bet it did Louis's heart good to know that those he just loved on will continue to be blessed again next month. Just awesome. Hey, before summer gets too busy do you want to plan another meeting? I know you have some trips on the horizon and we are hoping for some getaways too...but I thought we could squeeze in a little Hintz get together in there somewhere! Let me know! Oh and that post on the woman who groaned...what a gift for you, to have someone let Samuel touch their heart. Hugs to you today, dear friend!