Wednesday, August 31, 2011


First day of 2011-2012 school year:)  Already I think Hope may have gotten a good grip on using the big girl potty:)  Yay Hopie!!
This may seem crazy, but I couldn't help posting. I was fixing lunch one day last week and  Jojo was holding Levi on the couch.  Levi started crying... It didn't take long and Jojo started crying.  He told me that it just made him so sad that Levi was sad... I scooped up Levi real quick and everyone was doing much better instantly:) Oh my, it was precious... Jojo loves Levi so much!
Sweet 5 1/2 month old Levi and Anna:)

It has been quite the week.  I got a call last Friday from a gal at our church.  One of her daughter's best friends was 39 weeks pregnant and just had found out that she was going to be delivering her baby that day... but that her baby had died.  I was on my way to Wichita to see the Boggs family when I got the call.

  I was so blessed to be able to visit on the phone with this sweet young gal the night before her daughters funeral service.  The first tearful words out of her mouth to me on the phone were. " How do you do this Sara... I don't think I can do this."  My heart was splitting in a million pieces for her in that instant.  I remember those moments like I was feeling them last week... wondering how on earth you are going to survive the next hour because the pain and suffocating feeling is so intense. 

Anna, Greg, and I went to the service and it was beautiful.... but gut wrenchingly difficult all the same.  This was the 2nd baby funeral in 4 days for us.  I am not going to lie... it is hard for me... very fresh memories... But the hardest part is just watching the moms and knowing exactly what they are probably thinking and feeling.  My heart just breaks for them. All that being said, I would never in a million years pass up the chance to be there for a newly grieving mom.  It is moments like that where I can see a nugget of goodness coming from Samuel's life.   

The crazy thing is this young gal literally lives about 5 minutes from me.  I went over to her house a few nights ago and we just talked and talked. I was able to see the pictures of her daughter and try to encourage her.  She is such a sweet young lady.  Hopefully the Lord will allow me more opportunities to be there for her in the coming days and months.  I have to admit that all of this has had me missing my sweet Samuel all the more.  If you think of it, please be praying for these 2 mamas...

We have had such a busy week with starting school.  Actually the school week went great.  I always think that it takes a good month to get into the swing of things as far as school goes.  Levi is totally easy going and loves to hang out with all of us. 

Hope is a different story...she is 2 and busy as all get out:)  Honestly she has done so much better than I was expecting.  She has been enjoying blanket time playing with her big beads, looking at books and especially playing with her Fisher Price little Loving family dolls and accessories.  As long as she is kept busy, she does so much better.

This is the first year we are doing a home school coop.  I am really looking forward to it.  I think it will be great for the older kids to be responsible to another adult and they are all really excited about it.  The kids spent a couple days at the coop last year when I was in the hospital on bed rest and loved it.  We start with the coop next week, it should be interesting. 


Anonymous said...

excited for you and the co-op this year. I think you are going to have so much fun! Thanks for loving me during this hard week. lovemary

Ebe said...

What sweet pictures, Sara!

I'm so glad you have been able to go to the funerals. This is exactly what I wanted. Someone who understood- to be there. Even if we didn't talk.

I love you, friend. Amazing how God uses our sorrow and pain, and our children.