Saturday, August 27, 2011


 THE WHOLE CREW... MINUS CALEB... if you look close you can see the kids Anna on down holding hands... sweet!!
(I have no idea why this picture posted this way... hmmmm.)
Last Friday we had a really quick 3 hour drive up to Kansas to visit with our sweet friends the Boggs crew.  Greg and Caleb stayed home... Greg still wasn't feeling well from his pneumonia... (He still isn't 100%)

They drove down about 3 1/2 hours and we met up at a mall.  We were really trying to find someplace fun to meet... but given that it was supposed to be around 100 degrees we opted for the indoor play area at a mall.  Honestly, the kids did extremely well for having to hang out there for over 5 hours. 

These are such treasured friends to me... our 2 years at the seminary together flew by... Becky was an absolute God send to me after Samuel died as well. She still tells me how Samuel short life has changed her thoughts or views on things... I love that she mentions him:) What an amazing friend she is...

They are 2 of Hope's godparents and were definitely used by God to open our hearts even more so to the blessing of adoption.  I am sure that little Hope is a part of our family due to the influence of their family on ours.  While we were at the sem.  they asked us to be godparents to their, at the time, newly adopted Asher... It is funny because our kids have always said that they wanted one like Asher in our family... now we have the female version in our Hope:) 

It was a super sweet time to get to sit and visit with Becky, and Chad too, while the kids played.  Such a treat to have 5 hours to chat chat chat... Man, I miss those days where I could just run across the street to her place or see her and all the kids right outside our my back door at the sem playground...
 Those seminary days were precious! 

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Becky said...

You have such crazy friends ;). So many kids, so much fun!! ready to plan another get together this coming spring!

Love you guys!