Friday, April 15, 2011


Here are 2 of the 3 kittens our outdoor cat had this week. We thought we would let her have 1 litter before we get her "fixed" The kids are already trying to convince us to let her have another litter before we fix her since as they put it, "3 is really not a very big litter." The kids are enjoying these little furballs... but boy can they be loud for being so little :)

We got some pretty good golf ball size hail with the storm we had last night during dinner. OH... MY.... GOODNESS! The part of the storm that came through at around 10:00 had this mama in the bathroom with the littles... Of course it suddenly got SO loud that I couldn't hear Greg telling us to go in there, I just went myself because IT WAS SCARY! About 10 minutes later we heard our little towns tornado warning sirens going off. By then things had totally already calmed down. It was a little late for the warning in my opinion:)

I have ALWAYS been fearful of tornadoes. I think it might stem from the fact that I remember parts of the roof of my grade school being blown off when I was in Kindergarten. We weren't in school that day, but it still freaked me out. And here comes some embarrassing info... I remember being probably in junior high or high school and during REALLY bad storms going into my parents room and sleeping on the floor. That just felt safer to me:)

Here is Hope with the kids collection of hail from the storm...

This did not occur yesterday, but in a wind storm we had about 2 weeks ago... This HUGE tree house Greg and the boys built literally blew right over. I think that thing was at least 1,000 pounds. The sort of humorous thing was that Greg and I had just taken a walk literally 2 days before and were discussing taking it down. Now that Greg put up the swing set which has a couple of houses on it, we thought maybe it was time to cut down on the yard toys our neighbors have to look at. Literally 2 days later Greg woke me up and said, "I think the decision was made for us, the tree fort blew over last night"

In the CRAZY winds of last nights storm... the smaller slide on our BIG play set was literally torn off. AYE YI YI! Our trampoline stayed put, but our neighbors got pretty mangled. I am not sure I like these Oklahoma storms much at all. Today I heard that 9 people were killed in OK and AR. during those storms... so sad. Greg and I went our for lunch today since my in laws are in town and we did discuss possibly putting in a storm shelter... Hmmm who knows... This Wisconsin girl misses her basement:(

While we were out, the two of us ordered my mother's day present. (Tonya, did you know that there is actually a VINTAGE PEARL store in our town?) OH MY!!! I could go crazy in there. I think I have my Christmas present already picked out. They have the cutest pea in a pod necklace that I was eyeing up. I will put up a picture when I get my gift next week... I can't wait! I love it! They have to be a Christian owned store; they had great Christian tunes playing the whole time we were in there. It made me happy that their business is so successful, it was packed in there the whole time we were there. Go check out their sweet gifts and items at

Ok, I better run, I am going to try to get my hospital bags totally unpacked today... it has only been a whole month:) I really did have better things to do than unpack though, like snuggling on that sweet little guy of ours... as well as his older brothers and sisters.


Tonya said...

I would go CRAZY in that store, too! Gib needs to get on the ball and order my mother's day present. I'm just gonna tell you the one I picked out and see if it's the same one you got...

I want the layered circle of love that has the kids names on it and says, "My hands are almost as full as my heart". I think that's the PERFECT saying since it is literally the truth with Grady in heaven.

Can't wait to find out and see what you got! SOOO glad your family is okay from the storms. They are about to arrive here. Emma Grace asked me this morning where you live because she heard about tornadoes in OK...she was concerned about you. Thought that was sweet.

Gotta go do dishes and get the girls toward the bed. Hopefully the storms aren't going to keep them up! I'm taking them to see the Atlanta Passion Play tomorrow and hoping Emma Grace can sit through it!

Love and miss you!

Lindsay J Neumann said...

Oh man! Thanks to you my mom is now has an amazing gift on the way!!! That store is amazing. =] Love the kittens! So sweet.