Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Last night all of our pictures were scrolling through the computer and up popped our pictures from our only day with Samuel here in our arms... Looking in the eyes of my family in those photos hurts my heart... still so much. I am amazed at all God has carried my kids through in this last 2+ years and I pray ferverantly that the Lord is going to use that to do mighty things in their hearts.... that God will use them to minister to others in their lives that may be hurting... that God will use the hurt to help proclaim God's faithfulness to others through the storms of this life... Then I gaze into their eyes in the following photos and I see the faithfulness of our God all over the smiles and shining in their eyes! I am so VERY grateful that the Lord has allowed this beautiful little baby boy to grace our lives, and to light the fires in our hearts full with love, full of love for him, eachother, and our God!!! Anna and her sweet boy.... watching her get the opportunity to be the little mommy that I always see in her, is melting my heart these days! SUCH SWEET LOVE!!!
Jojo is growing up... he lost his first top tooth while I was in the hospital... now his whole face looks a little different when he smiles... Jojo says he thinks that Levi is SO AWESOME!

Most people would never know it from talking to Caleb because he is such a busy, sports loving kind of kid... but he is a BABY LOVER! He always has been... Last night I was up at 2:00 am (The truth be told, I had only gone to bed 45 minutes earlier) feeding Levi... he was crying when I changed his diaper and out comes Caleb... he came, sat, talked with me, and just watched Levi as he finished up eating... then off, back to bed he went!
I know, I know, Louis' glasses on the top of his head are about the size of ski goggles:)... Here he was the very first time he got to hold this sweet little miraculous Levi... I am so blessed to have this big boy around the house to help hold down the fort:)
Does this grin say it all or what??? I laughed when I first posted this on facebook, a gal from church said, "Watch out, she will be pinching him any second!"

You know that is what I would have thought before Levi was born... but Hope has done sooooo well with her. Of course I would NEVER trust her alone in a room with him, but she has done nothing but love on him. She is usually full of the hootspa and gusto, but truly with Levi she has always been gentle. I am so thankful. I know that may change ... but she has done so well and is so sweet with him when she gets the chance...

Honestly, this little guy is always being loved on by the bigger kids she barely can get a hand on him:)

By the way, I am off tomorrow for an overnight with my leader from my MEND group here in Tulsa to the leadership conference in Dallas... I am praying that I will learn lots that will help us be able to continue to minister to hurting mom's and their families here in our area...

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Ebe said...

These pictures make me so happy. I love your sweet family. I didn't know that about Caleb- what a sweetheart. I love that he came and hung out with you guys. That is a sweet memory.

love you!