Tuesday, April 26, 2011


These are pictures we took of Levi the first couple of weeks he was home as he was sitting in front of the window getting some sun for his jaundice... What a little love bug!!!

You may need to click on the picture to enlarge it... but oh... can you see that sweet precious shoulder hair.... I love that lanugo... he still has a little left... so very soft and scrumptious:)

Fuzzy little shoulders...mmmmm... love me some of that sweet velvet baby skin...

If you look closely, you can see this precious little swirl of hair on the top right of his forehead in the picture...

There are so many details of a newborn that are just so sweet and fleeting... we are soaking them all in these days... Levi is an absolute joy. I can't tell you how many times the kids say, "Mom, I am so glad Levi is here with us!"

We survived the busyness of the Easter week for Greg but now truly it will only get busier as the Head pastor at our church goes on Sabatical for the next 5 weeks. May usually has some of the busiest weeks with the end of school, and since our church has a grade school that will mean lots of extra night activities for him.

I honestly am not worried. I know he will do great, and since we know about it all we can carve out some family time, which will carry us through the busy times:) When the cup is full , so to speak, we all manage so much better. We did have to postpone a family trip we had planned for May, but hopefully we can get it on the calendar for June...

I had my 6 week appt. yesterday... it was so funny... when my Doctor came in he gave me a big hug. I brought him cookies to share with the nurses. It was really nice to see him after seeing him everyday in the hospital, and then not seeing him for 6 weeks. I guess I had never told Greg he came to visit me every morning while I was in there for 7 weeks. He couldn't believe it when we were talking about it on the way home. My doctor did go above and beyond the call of duty to help get Levi here safely. I am so so so grateful to him. He is just such a nice person... I love that we share a common faith and I feel like God directed us right to him. What a gift a good doctor is:)

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Ebe said...

Pure sweetness, indeed!! Owen had sweet little shoulder hair too. His was red.

I love your little Levi! love you too!