Monday, September 13, 2010

Back safe and sound

What a whirlwind of a weekend... I of course took tons of pictures with the mother of the baby's camera and not one with mine... ugh! But Louis did capture this goofy one of Hope. What an expression huh? She is still full of the hootspa. Honestly, I think she may be the smartest of our kids yet... and the most strong willed... WOOH! I just keep telling her, "I will win this one!:)" I don't think she has fully understood that yet... she is still pushing... So she brings us much laughter and smiles and some challenges, just like any kid:)

We had a great time with Ryane and Blake and sweet little Payton. I wondered how it would be with a newborn around. And truly, praise God, it was better than I anticipated. I couldn't help but hold her. She was tiny... I just kept thinking, Samuel was this big at birth. Payton is around 2 months already. She was just precious. Man to have that little nugget in my arms felt strange, but good. The best part was when she just fell asleep as I held her... Oh... I have missed that snuggly feeling so much! What a precious little gift from God. The baptism went well. We got to see Greg's parents, aunt and uncle, and cousins. But it was incredibly fast... and I am incredibly tired:) But it was so worth it!

I am extremely nauseaus today and I think I have a sinus headache... I think I am actually having some of the terrible Oklahoma allergies everyone talks about. I am praying that it will all lift a bit as this is the week for our big fundraiser for my infant loss support group M.E.N.D. There is tons of work to do... Last year the fundraiser, a bunco bash, was really fun. Louis and Caleb will take Thursday off of school to help with everything for this years potato supper and bunco bash. We have some awesome prizes... I am hoping that it is a big success, that will enable us to continue to reach out to hurting families who have lost babies.

Well, I wanted to do a quick update on all that has been going on... physically, soon I will update on all that is going on in my mind...

On the way home from going out for yogurt tonight, ( I was too nauseaus to cook dinner:) Jojo said that he wanted to tell Samuel about this lady we saw that had a beard. Ok, that part made me laugh, about the beard. It just seems so funny to me all the every day things we still want to share with our boy. That we wish he was still a part of. I think with his 2nd birthday just around the corner... the mind goes back to the details of it all so easily. That of course, combined with the hormones of pregnancy... can make for some busyness in the mind that is for sure. I will post about that soon.

So thankful for the encouragement you all give me and for your prayers for this little one on the way....


Tonya said...

Sweet Sara, my mind has been very busy lately. I miss Grady soooo much. I'm so very glad you were able to hold that tiny baby and it was okay for you. We're still taking those tiny steps. Moving forward but not moving on...think I'm gonna have to post about that soon.

I'm sorry (well not really, *wink*) that you're so nauseaus. I didn't cook my whole first trimester with my last three! I'm not sure how we survived, but we did. Praying for you!


Ebe said...

Hope is gorgeous!

I'm so glad that Greg was able to be there for the baptism and that you found a beauty in holding their little newborn. It takes a lot of effort for me to hold other people's little newborns... it is a wonderful feeling, but there's always a tinge of sadness too. So many emotions, all at once!

Glad you're back home!


Stacy said...

Hi Sara,
So good to get caught up with you! Sounds like you had a wonderful, yet long, weekend. And that Hope of yours, she is so precious. I'm with you on the strong willed part, as our Faith has to have the most spunk, determination and outspoken personality amongst all our children. On top of that, she has no inhibitions.

I am sorry you have been nauseous, but thankful, as that means good things are happening with your hormones and the sweet babe inside. I continue to lift you before the Lord. What beautiful blessings He is showering down on your family. May He pour out His comfort in those times of grief and remembrance and continue to carry you through as only the Lord can do.

Much love,

Stacy said...
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