Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It is just me and the baby girl tonight:) Greg has all of the others at the baseball game in town so I figured I would give a little update on the situation with sweet baby girl.

Yesterday we were blessed with good news from the Supreme court referee in our state... They ruled with the agency and denied having the appeal from the others heard by the Supreme Court. This was really good for us. Basically it could still be a long road, but this potentially shortened it by another 3-4 mos which is what it would have been just for this appeal to be heard. So we are really thankful for that... It is a small victory that is for sure.

After I heard, I went to put her down for a nap and had a tearful moment of relief. Each little step of the way is another little hurdle to overcome. And this ruling just gave my heart of moment of taking pure joy that she may really be ours someday. It really made me wonder how I will react if we do get to keep her at the end of all of this... Oh my... let the floodgates open:)

So I thank you for all of your prayers. There will be a couple more hearings this month regarding her. Nothing we need to participate in, but that will affect her situation. With that being said we put in our petition for adopting her. It is hard to believe that if this were a normal situation that we would be able to finalize our adoption in about a little over a month. I know that won't happen, but I am not holding out hope that God won't move some mountains to allow this to come to a close sooner rather than later... That would be a welcome miracle:) We will see...

Thanks for continuing to pray for this precious little girl we are loving having with us in our home... praying that she will be ours forever!


Tonya said...

I'm so thankful for this news! One more prayer answered. And I was SO excited about your comment on my blog! Praying for you sweet friend!


Mary said...

praising God with you....we love you all!

Kristin said...

Praise God for shortening the road just a little!

Becky said...

Praising God with you! And continued prayers for that mountain moving request! We know our God can do it all ~ thinking of you guys today, and that precious little princess.


Ebe said...

This is wonderful news! Praise God!