Wednesday, May 19, 2010


What a week, it has been busy, but fun! I will try to post some pictures once I get home. I usually don't mind the drive, but I am not really looking forward to the 12 hour drive back tomorrow. But hey, we are getting that much desired fish fry tonight. Maybe that will give us a little extra energy for the road:) (Either that or it will put us in a sleepy state the whole way home from eating too much.)

Mostly, we have been hanging out with the family. My parents have done great with all the extra noise and commotion. My two brothers live on the same plot of land as my parents, so there has been a lot of cousin time:) I also was able to spend a day with my little brother, his wife, and their four boys. It was the first time we had met their youngest, Luther, who is just 5 mos younger than what Samuel would have been. I hadn't seen them since Samuel's memorial service. It was hard in some respects, but a really good thing. (Thanks Josh and Lynds for making the effort to come down... it was soooo nice to see you again... the kids had a ball with the boys.) I also had the chance to see a couple sweet friends that I have had forever. Reb and Sam I had such a nice time visiting with both of you.

Last Sunday my sweet friend from High School, Amy, and I went to visit the mother of a good friend of ours. She was rediagnosed with cancer last fall. Honestly, this woman is one of the most joyful, full of life people I have known. She always made you feel so special and that you were loved when you would see her. The minute I had heard that she was rediagnosed... I don't know what it was, but I immediately thought of her scooping up my little Samuel in Heaven. I pictured her loving on him, like a grandma would. (I know Samuel isn't missing out on anything in Heaven, it is perfect there, but for some reason, that thought brought me joy and comfort)

Well, just a week before we saw sweet Nancy, she was still living on her own in her house. Now she is in hospice at her daughter's house and sleeping most of the day. It has gone very quickly. We were able to sit and visit with her daughters while she slept on the other side of the room. What sweet ladies. I was struck by the thought of what a precious gift they are giving their mom, to surround her with love these days. And what a precious gift they are giving their kids. I know it has to be incredibly difficult, but at the same time so precious to walk this part of the journey with their mom and grandma. Nancy has a very strong faith, that is such a blessing to know. Before we left, her daughter woke her up and Amy and I knelt on both sides of her and talked to her. She could only whisper back. When her daughter told her we were there she just whispered, "I love it!" Even what she whispered was SO HER, such an enthusiastic comment. I was able to pray with and for her. She kept saying, over and over again to us, that she wished she could talk. We really just wanted to be able to tell her what a dear, precious woman she was, that we were praying for her, and that she was loved.

If you think of it, would you please pray for this sweet woman, Nancy, and her family. Pray that she would feel the Lord's presence with her, and that she wouldn't be in pain. She has run the race well, and is so close to receiving the prize, eternal life with her savior. Because of her faith and belief in our Jesus, and all that he did for her on the cross, she will soon be in His presence forever.

In the last entry of her caring Bridge page, she wrote that she fore sees her children holding her hand and handing her hand right to the hand of her Savior. Precious! I am so glad she is surrounded by the love of her children and grandchildren right now. Thanks for praying for this precious lady!!

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Anonymous said...

Miss you friend! I am blown away by how God continues (and knowing Him will continue to use your grief and the insight and tenderness gained from it) to feel for and minister to others.....I love you and this morning shed a tear for that sweet moment you had with me soon, mary