Sunday, December 13, 2009



We have had a super busy weekend... had lots of exciting things take place:)
The baking has begun... we have the Texas trash made, and now need at least 6 dozen cookies made for the kids program at church on Wednesday night. The kids are all performing in it... Louis has a solo and some lines in it. This is the first time he has really had a part in a play and I think it will be great... right up his alley:) We have a whole list of cookies we would like to make... we will see what gets done. Honestly, I haven't even thought about what to get the kids for Christmas. I am a bit of a stasher. I like to buy ahead, but I need to look and see what we already have. We usually only do 3 gifts, just like the 3 wisemen bringing gifts to Jesus. So it shouldn't be bad to go out and get a couple of things. I am really trying not to stress about it, but just enjoy it. I know all of the important things will get done.
My parents come on Wednesday. We are watching 3 little girls, they are in foster care with a family from church, for 10 days over Christmas. Then my brother and his family are coming down for New Years. I am thrilled to have all of the distractions away from my regular routine. I think it will really help me get through the holiday while missing Samuel. We also plan to head to Houston for a bit at some point.
We are looking forward to having company and extra kids around the house. I REALLY needed the distraction this year... and I think I got it:) I don't mean distraction from the reason we really celebrate Christmas, but the distraction of celebrating it without Samuel here.
Better go get to bed, we need to try to crank out a full week of school before the Grandparents come Wednesday evening:) I will try to post something a bit more interesting... I do have a funny "NOT ME" picture I will try to get up for NOT ME MONDAY... we will see if I get to it...
Blessings on all of your Christmas preparations:)


Rachel said...

Okay, I have to know what "Texas Trash" is!

Thanks for all your prayers Sara! I can't believe the countdown is here (practically!) I'm thinking of you especially this Christmas and almost wondering if this year might be harder than last. I remember breaking down on Christmas Day last year and just sobbing, but even looking back, there was still a fog around me of 'how could this be my life?' This year reality is definitely set in, not to mention how big a deal Christmas would be this year for Samuel and Felicity if they were with us. Praying you find extra comfort from God and family and friends!

Tonya said...

Please tell us what Texas Trash is! It looks so interesting and I'm sure it's very yummy! Enjoyed our short conversation today. Praying for you!


lprecour said...

Hi Sara,

Have a wonderful visit with your parents. I think of you often and pray the pain will ease.