Saturday, December 5, 2009


2 little pig-tailed girls... Anna and Ellie

Jojo, Caleb and Josh

Louis with his and Samuel's butterfly ornaments from last year.

2 of my favorite ornaments... I love that picture of Samuel and anything that glitters and glistens against the lights.

We have had a bit of a low key week around here. Greg went hunting with a man from church. This was a big treat for him, he loves getting out in the woods. He has really missed being able to head up to northern Wisconsin with the boys, my Dad and all my brothers. He misses the camaraderie of being with the fellas. It wasn't something he did that often, but he enjoyed it when he did get the chance. So this was a treat for him.
Our Swedish friends the Dinkleman's kids are with us this weekend. Actually we have 2 of their 3 here. ( I always refer to them as our Swedish friends, but really they aren't Swedish at all. They just moved here from Sweden) So that has made for lots of fun for the kids, they are having a ball together.
Here is kind of a random, sort of strange, but funny story for those of you that know me. I have never been a HUGE fan of animals. Really I kind of dislike them. Greg grew up with dogs, so he loves them. My mom had terrible asthma while I was growing up so the only kinds of animals we had were the ducks or chickens that we hatched. (Yeah, it was a little odd to have ducks in the back yard in the suberbs of Milwaukee) Anyways... this gal who really dislikes animals was spotted heading to Atwoods Farm and Ranch store for bunny formula. Yep, you read that correctly.... Bunny formula. The mama rabbit had 9 rabbits and the runt was just still not really growing at all. On the way home from the store, Louis called saying that the bunny had passed away. He was so sad, he was holding it when it happened. I know that is part of the way it works. I really think he was so tiny he was just getting pushed out the way when he would try to nurse. The old me, animal disliker, would have just let nature take its course, which it did. But I found it shocking myself that here I was heading out, spending money to try to save it. In fact the kids were trying to feed one other one today... we will see what happens with that one.
So either animals are growing on me, or I just love my kids so much and love the fun they have with the rabbits and kitty. Now the guinea pig on the other hand... we are kind of trying to find a home for him. Anyone out there want a guinea pig... Free for the taking:)
We are missing the snow that seemed to be falling up north, and even my in- laws called from Houston saying they had snowflakes the size of quarters. We just had cool weather and tons of wind... I really miss the white Christmas time. There is something so beautiful about that blanket of white that covers everything and hangs on the branches:)
Have a blessed weekend!


Charity said...

That is such a precious ornament of baby Samuel. Can you tell me where you got that? I've been wanting to get an ornament for remembering baby Alethia.

Tonya said...

You can keep the guinea pig! I don't like any animals other than dogs or cats that are furry with four legs. I LOVE those Christmas ornaments...they're absolutely beautiful! I bought you a little something today...look for it in the mail. Nothing big, but thought of you when I saw it. I have a picture ornament for Grady from last year but haven't put a picture in it yet. Better get on that. I'm so glad your family is having fun this weekend with the other kids. It is frigid for us here in the south. Going down to 26 tonight but the snow missed us this morning. I HATE to be cold! I wouldn't survive up north. Love you so much!


lprecour said...

You really never liked animals! Did you just pretend to like Greta? How about when those twin girls from LaFontaine Court ran over Greta as my mom was taking her for a walk. I agree with Tonya you can keep the guinea pig for the kids. It sounds to me that you are softening up about the animals/
I love the oranament of Samuel. I have been thinking of you and Samuel so much. Have a great time with your housequests!

Ebe said...

I love your Samuel ornaments! They are beautiful.