Saturday, December 26, 2009






Wow, we have had a crazy last couple of days... here is the play by play...

Christmas Eve around 11:30 am we lost power at our house. We had plans to hang out with our friends, the Dinklemans, we would go there to feed the kids, all 11 of them, then go to 7:00 church, then spend and have dinner with Greg, back at their house. Then I would go home and Greg would go up to church to do the Candlelight service at 11:00pm. Well, all of that was the plan even with the impending snowstorm.
So when we lost power, we decided to head to their house early... I really didn't want to be stuck at my house with all of the kids, with out any power, with Greg possibly stuck in town. We packed things, just in case we needed to stay over in town. By the time 4:00 rolled around it was already determined that the only service we would have at church would be the 5:00. We hurried and got all the kids ready and headed to church in the snowstorm. The roads weren't bad. But by the time we left church, it was like a blizzard outside, and blowing like crazy. We decided to head back to their house and not try to get home. Our big white van has rear wheel drive and I almost got stuck in the parking lot. And what still surprises this northern girl, is that here in a city like Tulsa, they just don't get to the roads. The one plow we saw on the way home, didn't even have the plow down... weird. We did encounter a car abandoned at a stop sign..., it was still running, but he owner just left it there in the middle of the road.
We had a delightful night. We had lots of good laughs, good food, and really just enjoyed visiting and hanging out. The kids all slept well. Christmas dawned bright with a beautiful blue sky and a blanket of white snow. A white Christmas in Tulsa, we didn't see this much snow at all last year... I loved seeing it, and quite honestly, just the snow energizes me, it felt like a Wisconsin Christmas... so nice!
We had kind of an episode (that is an understatement:) with one of the foster girls in the morning. Wow! We sent the kids out to play in the snow and decided we would try to head home in the afternoon. Our friends were incredible to open up their home to all 10 of us... They were so incredibly gracious and hospitable, all on Christmas. They didn't bat an eye at all the extra commotion. I am sure it was much more peaceful once we left, but they made us all feel truly welcome.
When we left for home yesterday afternoon... we made it to our city, but couldn't get our van home. We would hit a small hill and just spin like crazy. We were going no where on those hills... Anna was scared and crying in the back... (that totally would have been me as a child) The roads were slick and not at all cleared. We know how to drive in snow, we have done it for years... but boy our big van is terrible in the snow, and the fact that they don't put sand or salt down... made it even harder. We had to call our neighbor to shuttle all us home. We were so thankful.
Greg and I then wrapped all the kids presents... we hadn't gotten that done. We had a nice Christmas evening. Today the kids had a blast in the snow. They were out for hours. Now we get ready for company to come, my brother and family tomorrow... Yeah, can't wait. I will try to post some snow pics... and then I have been given permission to share some great news, hopefully tomorrow.
Praying that you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

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mom2many said...

Cannot WAIT for your good news!! We got 14 inches in the blizzard here! The kids have been loving it. I'll be stalking you tomorrow!!