Saturday, June 6, 2009


We will be bugging out of here tomorrow after church and heading to the big state of Nebraska. Greg will be taking his class and the kids and I will be finding fun things to do around Seward and Lincoln. We were even invited to have dinner with my sweet friend Becky's brother and sister-in-law. We are really looking forward to that. How kind of them to invite us strangers:)

So we hosted the neighborhood block party tonight. One of our routines is to take a family walk each night. So when we first moved in if anyone was outside we would introduce ourselves and visit with them a bit. I was amazed that it seemed like many didn't know each other even though they lived next to each other. Greg and I have been saying that we needed to do this since shortly after we moved in. Then when everything happened with Samuel dying, entertaining was not high on the priority list... Heck, I could barely get dinner on my own table. I didn't actually for a good month... others did.

It was beautiful night, besides the crazy Oklahoma wind. We only have 16 homes in the neighborhood so it isn't real big. And we had a great turnout. The kids had a blast playing together and all of the adults REALLY visited with one another. Everyone was mingling and getting to know each other. It was great. Everyone even wanted to do it again... so that was good... mission accomplished. I learned a lot more about many of them so that was really nice. With having little ones, getting to know my neighbors has always been a priority for me. We love our neighborhood, it is perfect for us. It is far enough out of the city to feel like country. There are enough kids for the kids to have others to play with. Our yard is big enough to keep this homeschooling family busy and have lots of space to run around. It is also pretty quiet and we are thankful to have really nice neighbors.

Well, I better go run, I need to prepare to teach the big boys Sunday School class. I told the boys I wouldn't have treats every week like Miss Shelley did, I think they are already disappointed that they have a new teacher:) Actually, they seem excited that I will be doing it. It should be fun.

Not much else is new... I kind of feel like I don't have too much to say... lots of the same, missing my sweet Samuel like crazy and forging ahead day by day... step by step appreciating the blessing of each new day. Thanks for joining us on this journey.

Praying you have a blessed Sunday.


Beth said...

Wishing you an enjoyable and relaxing trip. Please give the kids hugs and kisses from me. So great with your neighbors.
I'm hoping you've changed your mind about July. Let's talk. Love you!

Casadeboggs said...

We are so jealous that you get to hang out with our cool family...enjoy it! I know you guys will have fun ~ we're looking forward to our turn in a few weeks. Thanks for being such a loyal prayer partner for the Boggs bunch too - you're a blessing, my sweet friend. I can imagine how much fun Ethan's going to have with you guys!!