Friday, February 1, 2008


It was a beautiful day in St. Louis. When we went to bed last night there were probably 2 inches of snow on the ground. Let me just say that when the snow falls in St. Louis it is different than in Wisconsin. The seminary puts snow parking into effect, which means all that live on campus need to move their cars down the hill to the fieldhouse parking lot so they can plow the regular areas. I have a doula client that was due to have her baby last Sunday. She called yesterday and said that she had contractions all day and they were getting closer last night. So I was sure she would call during the honey was sweet enough to say that if she called during the night he would go trek through the snow to get my car and bring it up so I could take it. Thankfully we all got a good nights sleep even the expectant mom whose contractions stopped when she went to bed:) We probably got a total of 7-8 inches of snow. All the schools were shut down today... all except the seminary which opened an hour and a half late... poor Greg they still had class. Poor Louis and Caleb, when you homeschool it doesn't really make a difference if it snows:) We did do school, but they were quite motivated and worked really hard to finish early.
Anna and Jo woke up with fevers. They were pretty miserable, crying, whining, just all around not happy little guys. They both took a good nap later in the day and then were so much better. I can't believe how quickly kids can recover. They wanted to go out in the snow so bad. So I took them out and pulled them in the sled. We had a blast. There is something refreshing about being out in the freshly fallen snow. Greg always laughs...when you are married to a Northern girl there are a lot of things that are refreshing such as northern lake water in the summer. Greg says it isn't refreshing it is just plain COLD! We are thanking God for His beautiful snowy creation and His healing touch today.

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