Wednesday, February 6, 2008



At the moment Greg is holding the family together. Yikes, isn't that one of my jobs? Well, since last Thursday one by one the kids have bit the dust. They have had high fevers (Louis had up to 104.8), headaches, coughs, even some vomiting for a couple of them(I know that is too much information:)... Thankfully 3 of the 4 are feeling much better. Caleb is the only one really not feeling too well yet, but he was the last to get it. I think the verdit is out, we have had the flu in the Hintz house. Last week I had an infection that landed me in the hospital during the night. I have since recovered but as of yesterday I think it is returning. I should hear back from the campus Doctor tomorrow if I should be taking something new for it. We are usually really healthy so this last week has us really appreciateing our normally good health. Greg is holding it together so far. We are really praying for healing for the rest of us and that Greg doesn't catch what we've had. He has so much to do with finals coming up next week. God is faithful we know we will get through this with His help, we are so thankful for the healing He has done thus far.

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