Sunday, September 30, 2007



It was a beautiful Sunday in St. Louis. The weather was perfect with a wonderful breeze. Church was great, we are blessed to be at a great church called St. John's in Ellisville. It is a church with over 5,000 members so it gives us a lot of opportunities to see some different kinds of ministry and worship. It is a pretty amazing place. They have 4 different worship venues each week, all very different from one another. Everything from a traditional Saturday night service, to contemporary Sunday morning services to a service held in a banquet room of a restaurant/brewery on Tuesday nights. Greg and I are also getting to participate in a Bible Study on Sunday Mornings that is studying the book Revolutionary Parenting. We are enjoying it and it gives us a lot to talk about on the way home from church. Today's message was on Sexual sin, the theme for this series of messages has been secrets. It was the story of Amnon and Tamar from 1 Samuel. It was a great message and with a theme like that also gave Greg and I a lot to talk about on the way home:) They actually forewarned us so we took turns going to church and Sunday School and watching the kids. We were blessed.

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