Saturday, September 29, 2007





Once again we are so blessed here at the seminary. On most Saturday mornings I usually head up to the food bank to help unload the produce truck. There is a wonderful gentlemen that picks up produce and bread from local grocery stores. They are getting rid of it all because it is usually on it's way out. But it is great if you can eat it in the next few days. We put the produce and bread out and it is free for the taking. Anyways... before Dennis arrived we got a huge donation of food from a church in Clayton Illinois. Really it was HUGE! The top picture shows some of the people who drove the donation here to the sem. The picture just shows a portion of what they donated. It was awesome! Before I came here I didn't realized what an amazing help the food bank is to all of the families here. It is a tremendous blessing and really helps us all to be able to stretch our food budgets:) It is so neat to see all of the ways that God has used His people to help, serve, and bless others. They really have been the hands and feet of Christ to us.

The next picture is of 2 lovely older ladies that work with 1 more to knit bags of beautiful items for the families on campus. All of those bags in that picture are packed full of hats, scarfs, hot pads and baby blankets. I can't believe 3 ladies could do all of that. It took me over a year to knit a baby blanket for Caleb...I think I finished it just before Anna arrived. Anyways, they are obviously a lot faster than me :) and each year they donate their time and talents to bless all of us here at the sem. Last year it was chilly when the hats arrived and it was so funny because almost immediately you saw tons of kids running all around campus with these sweet, brightly colored hand made hats on. Now today on the other hand was around 85 degrees but you still saw plenty of kids out with the hats on:) It was such a treat for our kids to get to go up to the food bank and pick out their hat. The two younger lovely ladies in the picture are Sallie, the food bank manager and Miss Wendy ( as the kids call her ) and her son Joey, they volunteer with this Hintz crew up at the food bank a couple of times a week to help unload food trucks. Joey is one of Anna's new special friends. She has really taken a liking to the babies on campus as of late.

Anna and JOJO had a touch of some bug this week but thank the Lord, I think they are on the mend. I was blessed with the opportunity to be with a couple from the seminary this week when they celebrated the arrival of their sweet son Asher into the world. A babies birth is such an amazing miracle. It was such an honor for me to be there. The bigger boys are enjoying the seminary kid's soccer league. They will play every Saturday for a little over a month. The biggest boy is really busy studying. He is doing great, we are all really proud of all of his hard work.

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