Saturday, September 1, 2007




Today was field day on campus. Basically it is a day for the kids on campus to kick off the new year. It is so much fun, face painting, play dough making, snacks, games, tattoos, and lots more. We played two family games called "MOM call" and "DAD call". All of the moms or dads are blindfolded in the middle of a circle with all the kids surrounding them. If there are multiple kids in a family they all stand together. The blind folded moms and dads had to spin around 10 times. Then at the same time all the children yell "MOM" or "DAD" and the mom or dad has to find their child or children. It was hilarious. Greg actually won when we played it with the dads. Yeah, he knows his children's voices:) It made for some pretty funny video.

The other highlight was the Clayton Firetruck. The firemen bring it in, hook it up and let it loose on all of the kids in the field. It was a blast, they got a major soaking. It was a beautiful morning, perfect for a little cool down. Greg is helping at church tonight and the kids and I are heading over to the picnic the seminary is hosting on campus. The seminary does so many nice things for the students. It all really helps to build a sense of community and family. That is what makes it such a wonderful place. Things are starting to pick up on campus as most of the 4th years are back from vicarage and the new 1st years have arrived. We all start back to classes on Tuesday, sad, scary, fun and exciting all at once. Summer comes to an end once again:)

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