Wednesday, October 5, 2016

God's great provision... For Kaliyah

Sweet baby Kaliyah has been fed by many... LITERALLY!

We have a great Facebook page here in town for local moms which has been a HUGE BLESSINGS to our family! 

When Kaliyah was having trouble with every kind of formula we tried in ARIZONA, I had a friend reach out to this groups of mamas... And the amount of moms that came forward ready and willing to donate breastmilk was astounding!!

What a gift!  This sweet baby has been nourished so well by the gift of so many mamas. She hadn't been sick even one time:). Praise God!! 

Just the other week a gal brough milk to our home!!! Her name was Hope and she literally was delivering hope and great health to our little sweetie!!  

Kaliyah is almost 10 months old and she is still receiving breast milk.  She tolerates formula fine now and through this same site we have been given loads of free formula from moms who don't need the samples they receive. 

Adoption isn't inexpensive so we clearly have seen the hand of God in providing this great food for Kaliyah through the very generous hands of others! It never ceases to amaze me when I see the faithfulness of and the creative ways of our Gracious God as he provides for us!!:) 

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