Monday, February 29, 2016

Morning company:)

The other morning I awoke to this smiling face next to me:)

 I rolled over and said, "I love you buddy!"
And His response... "And I am a MIRACLE!!!"  

Yes you are my sweet Levi, yes you are!  He is an amazing miracle from God that was allowed to join our family through embryo adoption... He and I were talking about it today in the car and I can't wait till he can really understand his own amazing miraculous story! 

And then this little rascal came to join us in bed... and that was the end of the peaceful resting!  He is all boy and never sits still... But he makes for many laughs!  I love love love every moment with both of them!  I am so thankful that we get to do preschool together this year... What a treat for this mama! Hopefully they would say the same thing:)

Have a blessed Monday friends... from Zay and Levi!!:)

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