Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2 months!!!

Moments of wonder if you would really be ours!!!

Hours of prayers for safety and protection over your life!!!

Many tears and heartbreaking moments in our journey to you!!

Absolute joy watching you enter the world!!!

Complete awe and thankfulness for your birth mom as I watched her sacrifice so so very much because she loved you!!

2 months of cuddles, kisses, full hearts, thankfullness, treasuring moments, talking with birth mom, dying over her cuteness, celebrating her life, moments of exhaustion, feeding, swaddling, her head on my chest, watching sibling love grow, and absolute joy and thankfulness that she is ours forever! 

We are blown away that God had her for us!!! She is such a gift!!

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Blessed said...

I can't get over how your last three kids all have such similar faces--or maybe it is their gentle eyes and expressions? But they all three look like bio siblings, and they all seem to take after you! (again, maybe it is the gentle eyes : )

Just giving a stranger's echo to what you said in a more recent post about how your adopted kids were meant for your family. It is really like they were born to your family. At least to my eyes!

Blessings to you from out in CA.