Sunday, March 15, 2015


Our sweet Jojo (Elijah Thomas) turned 10 last week... 

With the cousins, Jojo and Levi we celebrated 3 birthdays within 5 days... 

Lots of "kings for the day" and lots of birthday meals... 
Jojo picked biscuits and gravy, cheese dip for lunch, and pizza and soda for dinner.  Not the healthiest of choices, but for one day we splurged:)

I will never forget the day 9lb 6oz Jojo entered the world after a quick 4 hour natural birth... It was perfect... And so was he!! 

He is our steady eddy, usually pretty calm  and is so so generous and sweet... He has blown us away on more than one occassion where he has emptied his piggy bank to give to someone "who needs it more". 

He is an absolute joy to have as a son!  I am so thankful for his precious life!

This sweet miracle baby turned four... 
Seems impossible!

I will never forget his first cry after suffering the silent stillbirth of Samuel and being on bed rest for 10 weeks, 7 of which were in the hospital.  

He was 3 weeks early but perfectly healthy and whole and I was totally in awe of God's miraculous work through embryo adoption to bring Levi Ryan to our family!  

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about his amazing biological family who so graciously have shared him with us!  

We celebrate his life, and all the kids lives everyday, but on this day he wanted to celebrate with hot dogs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner... We settled on just breakfast:). 

What a funny kid.  He is literally the happiest, most enthusiastic kid I know and we love watching him experience new things... His excitement is awesome, hysterical, and downright precious! 

We feel so blessed to have the priviledge to raise these two boys!!!

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