Friday, March 6, 2015

A city excursion...

Last Saturday the kids and I hit the big city to visit the Field Museum... It was the last free for all Illinois residents and who knew the entire city would turn out???  

The traffic was crazy, Chicago drivers even a bit crazier... but we had a great time:) We were only able to spend a few hours there and could spend days upon days there if we had time... Now that we know our way there... we will have to go back sometime during the week when it is less crowded:)

The crew in front of Sue... the T-Rex!

Jojo and Lou in front of another dinosaur exhibit.  I think that was the little guys favorite exhibit by far.   Levi won't stop talking about the dinosaurs he saw.  

It was a crazy day, but really again made us realize what a fun place to visit Chicago is... We need to make more of a point to watch for free days (during the week:) at the Museums, or spend some more days exploring the city this coming summer.  

It has been so cold... but we are expecting a heat wave this weekend... It may reach close to 50 degrees!   A part of me can't wait to see green again... while another part of me loves the beautiful snow.  

The kids aren't sick of it yet... Today was a big sledding day for Anna, jojo and Levi:)  They are trying to
 get every last bit of sledding and snow fort building in while they can:)  

It will be melted before too long:)

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