Thursday, November 27, 2014

With thankful hearts 2014

Another year of the Lord's faithfulness abounds... Tonight at dinner my heart was overwhelmed with gratefulness that The Lord can indeed heal broken hearts!!!

I remember after Samuel died feeling like "Big Family Gatherings" with loads of new babies was much more than I could take... Sadly, we avoided them for a while...

Tonight I loved eyeing up all the grand kids truly soaking in the awesomeness of God to make such precious little ones... I love them all so much!!!

( one HUGE family selfie... That crazy selfie stick! ☺️☺️)

Lou and Caleb with their teen cousins...

( At the moment this crew is out currently Black Friday shopping... I think a first for our family!)

And sweet baby Isaiah... Our Thanksgiving birthday boy!!!

Thank you Jesus for his precious birth mom and the huge sacrifice she made 2 years ago to bring him into our family!!!

What an unexpected phone call we received 2 years ago... Saying, "your son was born today... Can you come meet home tomorrow?" 

I will never forget meeting his birth mom first the next day... What a spunky sweet loving girl... We laughed when she truthfully said that as she looked over our profile book, in regards to our family, "you can't beat that kind of happiness into kids" 

And she meant it!  She and her friend who was also homeless both said, they felt like they wished we could adopt them... That is how they knew we were the family for Isaiah!!!  

Isaiah had a tough start to life in the womb and the nicu...

But God in his faithfulness has really knocked our socks off in how heathy and amazingly wonderful this little guy is!!!

Happy 2nd birthday to our precious Isaiah! 

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RaD said...

Love it! You guys look like the day just couldn't have gotten any better!