Saturday, January 26, 2013

Super cool orphanage model

One thing I love about coming to Uganda with IVO is that they work very hard to work us very hard:):). Kidding... But we are exhausted In a really good way.... Really though, they work really hard to give us the opportunity to see so much of the problems and great work being done here.

Today we went to see a four square church run orphanage. It was awesome... So neat to see something so positive... A breath of fresh air... They have a beautiful church built and the whole top floor is their orphanage. They have 30 kids there now ( some of the most well behaved kids I have seen).

12 of them they prayed and worked hard to get out of a witch doctor family that was keeping them... At night the witch doctors would pray that the spirits would have their souls... Then they would,work them hard all day..., they would be so tired from not being allowed to sleep,at night that they would fall asleep on the side of the road as they were working... Wild stories!!

They were beautiful children who sang precious songs to us. It was a sweet time. This church body has 6-8 orphanages in the process of being built and plans to build more. They want to raise these kids to be strong Christian leaders with hearts on fire for their Heavenly Father... So that they can go back into their communities and share that strong faith with those around them... It is a really cool model!!

We came back to namierembe guest house and then spent the evening working with the babies at Sanyu... Always a precious, but EXtREMELY crazy time:):)

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