Thursday, January 17, 2013

Safe and sound on the ground!!!

We are safe and sound on the ground in Uganda!!! Praise
God our flights were great!!! Your prayers were such a blessing.... I actually enjoyed part of the flights!!! That was totally the prayers. It was smooth sailing!!!

We got into the guest house around 1 am... I blew out the adaptor on the breast pump right away.... So it looks like batteries or manual from here on out... But it still seems like the baby home can use the milk! Yay! The smoke from the outlet freaked us out... But thankfully we could still run the fan to sleep... A few hours of sleep and we were off to the baby home this morning...

Those little ones stole my heart!! We got them up from sleep, changed, bathed, and fed them... They are precious... PRECIOUS!! A little guy Felix melted my heart!!!! Completely!!! I could not help but cry when I think these little ones don't have moms or dads... I was overcome... EVERYONE DESERVES a family... Unreal... It just seems so wrong... I can't wait to go back to the baby home tonight!

We head to the slums to feed the street kids in a short bit... Our prayer is that The Lord would break our hearts for what breaks his... I know he has already begun!!!


Samantha said...

Sara and boys,

We are so happy that all is well! We are praying for you daily and Hannah is always ready with an update from her phone! She would LOVE to be there with you! Can't wait to see how God uses your hands and feet to beautifully serve Him! I know you're soaking it in. If Louis is taking any pictures, let us know where we can see them. Love, love, love you...thank you for going and being obedient to the call. Prayers going up for the clan back home. Praise God!

Jska said...

Great about flights. (Also glad you avoided today's snow delays here in the UK).
Give those babies and children tonnes of extra cuddles! You really are sharing the love of Jesus with them. Extravagant love :o)

Stache said...

Thanks for sharing!! I can't imagine experiencing the baby home. I thank God that he sent you and your group! God is good. Can't wait to read more. Blessings!