Friday, November 30, 2012


And his name shall be...

isaiah james hintz

Isaiah because his birth mom named him that and we just happen to love it!!!:) 

James because it is my uncles name, biblically they believe him to be the half brother of Jesus who stood boldly in the faith and has given us many great principles on how to brazenly live a Christian life of great faith in action!  I love it!   (I did the Beth Moore James study this past summer...AMAZING!)

So we are praying in earnest for the Lord's will to be done in Isaiah's life and that if it is God's will, that we could be the parents and family to walk alongside him and train him in the way he should go in this life!:)

God is so good!:)


Tesha said...

Love it:) praying with you!

Samantha said...

Oh friend,
So very happy for you! Praying for you for strength and rest in the days ahead. Wow Sara! Love, love, love his name! Praise God! Love you!