Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Man I love that man...

I heard his voice about 15 minutes ago... for all of 30 seconds.. It was great... He sounds great... He doesn't at all sound tired... He sounded alive!!!  I can see it and hear it all over my husband when he is struggling... and to be honest... He hasn't sounded more alive for a long time!  

I know that he has always had a heart for missions... If I am honest, I know that I have held him back... Admittedly, I personally have never felt the call myself to the mission field.  I have always been more than happy to let him go for short term trips.

I got an email from him the other day, it said... "2 things... 1... you should not have let me come... I LOVE IT!  and 2... we have not had diarrhea's since Easters... (That would be an infamous line from Nacho Libre:) 

I knew he would love it... I can't wait to hear Lou's perspective... But my response to him was , " Where you go I go, Where you lead, I follow"  And I mean it wholeheartedly.  I want him to follow his life's passions no matter where they lead.  I really want him to fully feel beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is doing what the Lord wants him to do and where He wants him to do it...

I am not at all saying that isn't where we are now... I just know that the Lord is growing and changing my heart right along with Greg's while he is gone...  I feel like so often I get bogged down, hurt by people, longing to make situations right that I have no control over.

 What I have come to understand is that the Lord has to work on people's hearts... No matter how hard I try... I can't do it.  I can do all I can on my part and then it is in the Lord's hands... This is hard for me... I am a communicator... I want resolution from conflicts... I have a sensitive heart... probably too sensitive.  And I have spent far too much time worrying about situations and relationships that I can't control...

I just want to be in His will for me and our family... Wherever and however that may be... :) We have one shot at this life to make a difference for the kingdom... and i don't want to waste it:)

 It is kind of exciting when you give up that control and just say go with it God... have your way... not mine!

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Alisha said...

The Lord brought this to my heart after reading this: "There is a struggle before there is surrender." Boy, is it a powerful struggle... ourselves vs. God. Daily. What we want to do vs. what He knows is best because He sees up ahead.

His plans are greater and more fulfilling than we can ever dream though. This adventure takes great leaps of... faith.

You encourage my heart so much and it's so awesome to see God moving in your family. What an incredible story God orchestrated with the birth of your "snowflake baby". That boggles my mind when I really try and think about it. Life is so precious.

Sending hugs and much love, Alisha