Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This may not be at all what people want to read or hear... but it is the gut level truth...

As a pregnant mom just 12 days out from meeting her newest son, her 5th son, face to face... there are a very wide range of feelings and thoughts that are present for me right now.

I want to FIRST AND FOREMOST make sure I let you all know how overwhelmed I still am with joy over the fact that God allowed us to conceive this special, amazing and miraculous little baby boy Levi.

I have feelings at times where I am totally overcome with imagining what it will be like in 12 days when he is born...

First I have real fear over his birth. I want it to be beautiful, peaceful, joy filled. Yet in my heart I don't know where my emotions will be at considering my last experience delivering Samuel was FULL of some pretty traumatic memories. I do not know that I will be able to separate the two fully. Just like many people who have a serious car accident may have some difficulty getting in the car and driving again... I fear giving birth again.

At times, I will sit and can not help but let me mind go to the beautiful precious places of what it might be like to snuggle this precious little boy, to soak in his newborn smell and precious peach fuzz on his face, watching my kids see Levi for the first time, nursing my sweet little guy...All those beautiful warm fuzzy things most people anticipate with such joy.

Then there are totally conflicting times where I almost want to kick myself for letting my mind go to those places where I feel it could be a reality for us. I have had many friends who have literally lost babies hours before their scheduled C-sections...HOURS... Knowing full well, that I do not know God's plans for Levi's life or ours for that matter... it is a matter of surrendering my will to His! I know that His plan may be for this sweet little guy to live a long life with us, and that is the great desire of our hearts... but I need to surrender also to the fact that God's will may not be for that to happen... As much as that would totally break my heart all over again, I would need to surrender to His will if that is the case as well.

There are times like this morning when it takes them 10 minutes to find him on the monitor. Meanwhile the nurse is nonchalantly chatting about her kids $35,000 smile. In my head i am thinking, please just find the heartbeat and we can talk for as long as you want about whatever. But at the same time I just want to scream, "please take him now, he is still alive!" There is a little bit of controlled chaos going on in my mind right now. It wears me out sometimes.

This is sort of a side note... I know I am having all of these sort of conflicting emotions, that I really haven't shared with many at all... I wonder about the kids. Louis has requested that we wait to get all the baby stuff down until Levi is born. We do have some clothes for the first few weeks that we had set aside over a year ago in case we got a drop off baby through our adoption agencies... but all the rest is still boxed up in the attic where we put it the weekend after Samuel died. Last night Jojo stayed up here at the hospital with me while the bigger kids and Hope went to a friends house while Greg had a meeting up at church. At one point he was overjoyed because I had told him that Levi's birthday would be the day after his. He said, "This is the best day of my life." We continued to talk about when Levi may arrive and of course he stated, like he normally does, "I hope Levi gets to live."

Not but 3 minutes later he was just sobbing saying how much he misses Samuel... We spent quite a few minutes talking about it. I never mentioned anything about Samuel, it was all him. I know they are all processing Levi's upcoming birth in different ways... it will be extremely interesting to see how they all do when he is born. I pray that it is a healing and totally different experience for them compared to Samuel's birth.

I also have struggled a bit with wondering how I will feel emotionally after Levi comes. I have had friends warn me or tell me that they are already praying for me regarding that. As much as I know that Levi will NEVER replace Samuel in anyway... I know that just looking this precious baby in the face will evoke feelings I am not sure how I will handle. I know it will bring my loss of Samuel probably right to the surface. I will, Lord willing if all goes well with Levi, be experiencing everything that I didn't get a chance to experience with Samuel. As much as I will be TOTALLY thrilled to be experiencing all of that with Levi, I know realistically that there may be a part of that, that will be so hard. (Please know that I will never take Levi being born healthy for granted, I would be overjoyed... but yet I know there may be more emotions present as well.)

These are my thoughts on that, I know that many will not be able to understand all of that. I know that may make people uncomfortable. I know that people will just want me to be happy. But for me, this is all part of the journey that the Lord has me on. I NEVER asked or desired for the loss of a child to be a part of my life. But this is the path the Lord has us on. I have always prayed for him to lead me and guide me through each day in this journey of life, whether it is a grief filled day, joy filled day or a mix of both.

I really want this birth and experience to be what the Lord would desire it to be. I want to feel fully all that He has for our family to feel and experience through this... that is how He works. I know that Levi's birth could bring great healing to us... but I also know that sometimes you really have to go through that pain to get to that place of healing. Sometimes you have to go through the muck and mire before He places your feet upon the rock to stand firmly. I want our family to be fully open to what the Lord may have planned for us in this whole experience.

My prayer is that even though I know others may not understand all that fully... I just pray that those that will surround us would be understanding and non judgemental in how we journey through the next 12 days and beyond that. That the Lord would remind their hearts that you can not judge how someone walks the path they are on, especially if they haven't walked in their shoes. And that they would deal with us mercifully, no matter how we are feeling at times.

I thank God for the sweet dear friends that have already acknowledged Samuel amidst these last days of waiting and have even told me that He will not be forgotten in the days when Levi arrives. Unfortunately, these ladies either live out of town or will be out of town most likely when he comes... but it is nice to know that even from afar they will be celebrating Levi's birth, if all goes well, and crying tears with me knowing the wide array of emotions I will be feeling in those days and moments.

Ok, enough rambling on and on... it is just a lot to think through and process... Thank you for praying for some of those specific things. I also would love for you to pray specifically with me that Levi would be a mover in the morning. My specific prayers have been that the Lord would allow him to move in the night when I awake and move quickly in the morning when I get up for good. There are many mornings... he won't move for at least 40-60 minutes ... I really try not to panic and I usually find his heartbeat right away on my home doppler... but I would love to just feel him move right away when I awake over the next couple of weeks. I know that may sound so specific and silly, but it would do my heart good:) Thanks friends. I will keep you posted... another BPP tomorrow....

Blessings to you all!


Heather said...
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Jocelyn Wiebe said...

Sara, your request to feel Levi move right away is not silly at all. It is a real fear that comes from your prior pain, and is a completely valid prayer concern. I will pray he moves constantly and that you have peace of mind. Your blogs always make me sob, and I am just going to keep you in my prayers and pray that the Lord gives you peace and complete joy when Levi's birthday comes. That all will go well and the Lord will help you deal with whatever emotions come to the surface for you. Love you, sister...stay strong!

Heather said...


12 more days. The Lord will hold you in His hands each and every one of those 12 days, has he has done before them and will continue to after them. I can't imagine what you are feeling, but I will continue to pray for you and Levi. Your fears are completely validated by what you went through. You have every right to feel that way. I will pray for your specifics, for your heart and mind to have peace and for Levi's birth to be an awesome and wonderful experience.

God's blessings,

Tonya said...

Dear Sara, I get it. All of it. I will pray that he will move early in the morning for you...not silly AT ALL! Thanks for sharing your heart and the honest truth. It is what it is. You feel what you feel. And it's perfectly normal. At least it is to me! :) 11 days from today, right? WOW! Blows me away. Wish I could be there to help you pass the time that's left and see that sweet precious when he's born. Praying several times a day for you. Let us know how your BPP goes today. Love you so much!!! (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

In the short time I have known you I can honestly say that Iam continually amazed at just how strong of a person you are.You are a mother, a wife, a healer, a friend. You have suffered the loss of not one baby, but two, and yet you continue to carry on.
Your fear over the upcoming birth is natural. God willing,Levis birth will be a joyous occasion. You and Greg can shout it from the mountaintops! Baby Samuel,Baby Joel, and all the other little Angels will be smiling down from Heaven,knowing that this is a miracle worth celebrating.
I will be praying for everyone at your house. The next week and a half will probably be trying on everyone. Know that God above sees and hears your thoughts and prayers. I pray that the next 11 days are a stress free as possible and that baby Levi moves as much or as little, as you want him too.

Z is for Ramble said...

Praying for you, and no, I do not thinkg that is a silly thing t pray for at all! I pray Levi is moving in the night before you fall asleep and as soon as youwake up in the morning! Also praying for you and the rest of your family! Allow yourself to feel everything you need to feel. God is good.

Anna said...

(((Hugs))) Praying for you and Levi and your family. And thinking of Samuel too.

Carolina said...


I vividly remember the last days before having Jack and thinking how impossible it seemed to us that we would have a healthy baby in just a few days. Emotionally I couldn't let myself go to a place where I would be bringing Jack home or I'd be nursing him- because it was too overwhelming for me and I'd cry. Thankfully HE is a God of grace and understands all the emotions we have as moms who have lost our little ones close to birth. I will pray that you will navigate strongly through those first few weeks (emotionally and physically) and I am confident there will be much healing for you and your family ahead. Praying for you and sweet Levi and your other little ones at home. Hugs.

Ebe said...

This time is SO SO hard. It's hard in ways you could never imagine if you haven't been through this before. But God is holding you in His hands and every minute is in His control.

After Levi is here- that will be hard too, but again God loves you and will be faithful through it all. I wish someone had told me how much I would struggle even after Hannah's birth, but I'm glad you know it beforehand.

We love you all!!!
Praying right now,

Anonymous said...

I lost my third child last year to an umbilical cord accident. I discovered your blog through tonya's blog. Your story is so inspirational and my two children and i pray for you and your family every night. you are such a wonderful person and mom! i thank god for finding your blog.
thank you
kathryn in atlanta

Sue said...


I keep checking for updates. You usually don't go five days between posts, so I am praying extra diligently that all is well. I don't comment often, but I do pray for you and Levi.