Friday, December 3, 2010


Here is my honey's big buck. We made sure this year to get up north in time for opening day for gun season. It had been 2 years since he last hunted. This year the trailer that the men usually stay in was replaced with a small cabin my dad had built...
Gone are the days of opening the door to enter the trailer, only to be greeted by squirrels making a run for it:)
Gone are the days of no showers and using an outhouse in freezing cold weather. (The crazy thing is Greg still insisted on using the outhouse... fond memories I guess???)
Gone are the days of no girls allowed... I found it kind of humorous that back in my Tomboy days, I begged my dad to let me go hunting with the guys, only to be told I was either not old enough, I wouldn't like all the things the guys did, or I just wasn't able to go... now my brothers daughters are up there for deer camp... I am sure I could go now:) But really I would rather not at this point:) I much prefer to stay home with the little ones:)
I was so happy for Greg. He has never gotten a buck like this and he may never again. Caleb was with him when he shot it. Louis was in a tree stand with my dad.When Greg came back to my parent's house, he got another deer right out of the back yard. It was so funny. Jojo could see Greg in his orange just out in the woods a bit. He sat and watched his daddy for a good 15 minutes until I think he got a little bored. So we are set as far as meat goes for the year. Really I consider that a huge blessing. With the right seasoning or marinade, I can pretty much guarantee you would never know it wasn't beef.
They had a total ball being up there. And I am so glad that they had the time together and the time just to be with the other fellas, and gals:)
I know if you didn't grow up with hunting as a part of your life it may seem gross, or somewhat mean. But I grew up with hunting as a part of my dad's and brothers lives... so to see the deer hanging, help package the meat, see the bucks mounted really seems totally normal to me.
But this is where I draw the line... THAT DEER HEAD WILL NOT BE HANGING ABOVE MY BED... LIKE GREG IS THREATENING TO DO:) I told him his office was a good choice, the boy's bedroom, or up at the new hunting cabin:) We shall see.
I had an ultrasound yesterday.... I will try to update tomorrow with maybe a picture or 2 of the sweet little guy!


Stacy said...

That is one big buck!!! Way to go. We don't hunt, but my husband's brother does and usually during Thanksgiving time, he takes my boys out to hunt. They didn't go this year, but in years past, and one year within a couple minutes, they got one. What an experience for them as they gutted it and all.

I'm sure that day will forever be remembered by your boys and your hubby.

Can't wait to see more pics of your sweet boy. Hope you are feeling well. Think of you often.

Much love,

Laura said...

I remember those days of seeing the buck hang from your basketball days from out kitchen table! Now Todd and David go up north to hunt with 20 fmaily memmbers. What great memoiries for the boys!

Ebe said...

Wow!! That's impressive! Great job, guys! I bet they had a blast.

Though I didn't grow up with a hunting dad, my uncle hunts often and it doesn't seem weird to me at all, but I do agree, no deer heads in the bedroom!

Can't wait to hear more news about baby boy!


Anonymous said...

yea for greg!! david went hunting the weekend before thanksgiving with a neighbor, but no luck. rats. so, i ordered a quarter of a cow from the farm for meat instead! glad your boys had a fun and successful time.


blessedmomto8 said...

We R STILL ON THE HUNT HERE! Hoping my honey gets a big one this season!