Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Done with cooking... not really:)

Jojo was a big helper with the lasagnas:)

Have to take a quick break from all the cooking to do a little dancing:)

Oh no... the neighborhood dogs are starting to smell the food:)

Hope is getting all tuckered out and ready for a nap.

Caleb is the taco soup man:)
I am absolutely thrilled to have 24 meals in the freezer. We cooked for quite a while on Saturday and everyone helped, except for Hope. For some reason I think just having the meals made lowed my blood pressure. No, I am kidding, but really it lightens the burden I feel in my head. Now even my kids can get out a meal with out any help and everyone will fed:)
We also found out we will be getting a little bit of company over Christmas break. Greg's parents will come up for a few days and some dear friends from our time at the sem are coming. Yay, what a perfect distraction and fun time that will be to have them all here.
Besides those couple of things... life is just moving on here. Most schools are off this week, but not us:) I want to make sure we have time to take in Spring when the baby arrives, Lord willing. I rather have an extra week then, rather than take 2 now, when we don't really need it. I am 25 1/2 weeks now... I can hardly believe it... Really it is going by pretty fast... I actually bought a little sleeper for the little guy the other day. I went back and forth on if I should get it... the kids were all for it, and helped me pick it out. Really, sometimes I am STILL completely in awe that the Frozen Embryo Transfer worked... that I am allowed this precious gift and opportunity to have another child.
So the only cooking to get done is a couple kinds of cookies and the kids are begging for Grandma Deena's rolls, pigs in a blanket, and cinnamon rolls. Thankfully it is all the same dough, you just divide it out. I would love to have some of those frozen for when company is here. We will see if it happens. I get sort of lazy, and love to have the majority of the cooking done, so we can just hang out and visit.
Praying you all have a very blessed Christmas!


Becky said...

O.K. that post made me jealous. I'm jealous of all your meals AND your company!!! Just kidding. I know you're going to have a great time, enjoy ;).

Love to you and Merry Blessed Christmas from all of us.

Anonymous said...

Love you so much! Glad to hear all is well and that you are feeling well. Relax as much as you can with his folks there. We'll have to chat when we get back. 25 1/2 weeks!! Thank you, Lord!! Merry Christmas to all!