Monday, January 7, 2008


Here are Louis and Caleb with their new Jonathon Parks Audio CD's. They were a Christmas present from the grandparents and the boys have loved listening to them on the way to Texas and back. They are Christian Adventure CD's. Greg and I always laugh because you truly feel like you are part of the adventure. We had borrowed the first set this past summer when we took a family trip and every time we were driving through a storm or on the edge of a mountain there was something REALLY intense happening on the CD. Greg was stressed out driving. I thought it was pretty funny. They have a real emphasis on Biblical creation and History. So they are really exciting but at the same time very educational. This mom loves that. Anyways, they come from a family ministry site called Vision Forum. I think the website is This site has many family resources for moms and dads, a catalog for adventurous boys and a beautiful girlhood catalog. They are very pro-family and offer such great Godly resources.

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