Friday, January 11, 2008


I know it is hard to read... But have you ever drank a Christmas Ham or a Christmas tree? We got some good laughs a couple of nights ago. The boys and I had volunteered up at the food bank on campus and we always get to pick out a free item after you have done your work. Caleb picked this Jone's Soda Christmas pack. The flavors were Christmas Ham, Christmas tree, Egg Nog and Sugar Plum. We invited some neighbors down and had a little taste test. Greg wouldn't let me post the picture of him after he tasted the ham. It was unreal, it really smelled and tasted like ham. It was pretty hilarious. We all survived and had some good laughs. It is just like Caleb to pick out something like that. He has recently informed us that he wants to be a candy maker when he grows up. He was also wondering what kind of college he will need to go to for that. They sure do keep us laughing.

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