Sunday, October 21, 2007


Caleb praying with his soccer team after the game

Soccer Medals

What a wild weekend we had. We had my cousin Carol's family in from Indiana. I will post a picture of our visit soon. It was so special to have family here. I love it when someone really knows what I am talking about or can visualize it when I tell them about something going on here at the seminary. Friday night I had a doula client call me saying they were on their way to the hospital. I asked if I should meet them there and the husband said he would call me when they checked her in because they weren't really sure if they would keep them. When he called me 15 minutes later he said she was 8 cm. I was out the door in a flash. I had a feeling I wouldn't make it in time because the hospital is a good 15 minutes from our home. When I arrived she had a sweet baby girl in her arms. She had the baby 10 minutes after they called me. Unreal, I was so happy for them. They were a couple from one of my childbirth classes so it was so fun to meet their little one. What a sweet little miracle.

The kids had their last soccer game on Saturday morning. Afterwards they had a little pizza party and got their medals. The boys really enjoy playing... Anna on the other hand just enjoys being out there with people. I am not sure how much soccer playing actually happens with Anna:) Seminary kid's soccer is really low key. All the coaches are dads and usually they referee the game as well. It is perfect and only lasts about a month. They usually play again in the spring. I am thankful for the dads on campus that organize this for the kids.

Yesterday in church we had a scary experience. God was at work. We usually always go to the warehouse services at out church. They also have services in the sanctuary at the same time. I think last year we attended the sanctuary service 3 times the whole year and we always sat in the balcony. For some reason (the Lord's leading:) I suggested we go to the sanctuary service and not the warehouse service. The kids wanted to sit in the balcony and Greg said I should decide where we should sit. We sat on the main floor. They showed a video from a secular band that basically showed how we don't know how long our time will be here on earth. In the video people had numbers above their heads and the numbers were counting down until it was the end of their time on earth. Anyways, about 10 minutes later there was an older lady in the row directly behind us whose husband was in need medically. (We still don't know if it was a heart attack, stroke, or a reaction to medication) She was asking for a doctor. Well Greg isn't a doctor but he jumped right over there and was a big help. A nurse came over right away and was helping the man. Greg was holding the man's head up and reassuring his wife. Greg is a great care giver. I am realizing more and more I am not good in those types of situations. Greg is so calm. He was able to pray for the man, his wife and all of the people helping. God knew Greg needed to be there and I am so thankful. They did call 911 and take the man to the hospital and thankfully he was conscious when he left church. It was quite a real life lesson for us and the kids that we need to make the most of our time here on earth. In the big picture it is such a short amount of time. And eternity is forever. We want to make our time count and use it to grow God's Kingdom.

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