Friday, June 29, 2007


Sophia, Jane, Mark, Leah, Lindsay, Callie and Hannah

Field Day at the Seminary...Sept. 06

Caleb and Uncle Mark up north Christmas 06

We are SO amazed by the faithfulness of God. Not at all surprised, but we just continue to stand in awe of His goodness to us. I remember last fall being excited but also a little anxious as we headed here... so many new things and unknowns. He has more than been faithful. He provided a place to live on campus, special friends and has provided for all of our needs. The reason I am once again amazed is that earlier this week I headed to a new dentist (who gives discounts to seminary students:) because I was having problems with a crown. Well, I will save you the gory, bummer details but the bottom line was we were going to have a MAJOR expense...even with the discount:) If any of you know me I have always had some fear of the dentist and I am a bit emotional. Literally I had to fight back the tears as I called Greg to check with him and make sure I should go ahead with the work that I will have to have done. A little embarrassing, but oh well. Of course Greg was as sweet as usual. Well, God is so faithful. Today in the mail we got a couple of unexpected gifts. What we received will meet this need and has eased a great burden. We have seen his blessings through many of you over and over again. We are so amazed. We so appreciate the gifts, the notes, the encouragement, and the prayers for us. We don't ever doubt his provision it is just so awesome! We give him all of the glory!

The last picture above is of Caleb with my oldest brother Mark. The top picture is of Mark's family. For the last year Mark has been having some serious liver issues. Last week he and his wife Jane went to Mayo clinic in Minnesota to try and get to the bottom of his illness. They think that they have figured out that it is a certain liver disease , but they want to do more tests in July. There are times he feels pretty good, but then has some bad flair ups. Please pray for God's healing touch on Mark's body. He, Jane and their 5 daughters are resting in God's peace and joy. They really do have great peace about it. We know the power of God and the power of prayer so I just wanted to get the word out to some more of God's mighty prayer warriors! Thanks so much for lifting Mark and his family up to the Lord!

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