Saturday, June 16, 2007


Louis with new baby cousin Ezra

Cousins Grace and Callie with Caleb
Cousin Sophia and Anna having a tea party

Yes, the heat is on in St. Louis. I think it was 94 degrees in the shade yesterday. A little steamy for us from the north. Greg loves the heat and humidity with his Southern Texas blood. We have had a busy last few weeks. We just returned from Wisconsin. It was a wonderful chance to get away and spend time with lots of family and friends. We were also able to visit with churches that have helped us since we have been here at the seminary. We were pretty much on the go most of the time. The kids loved having sleepovers, camp outs, tea parties:), lake time, and just spending time with their cousins. It was great!
We were thankful to be able to be there while my dad had throat surgery. Praise the Lord he seems to be recovering great. He is now on voice rest, so any of you that know my dad know that this will be quite a challenge, he loves to talk. He had to do this about 6 weeks ago and actually did quite well. It was really funny to see him trying to mouth words to us (that didn't work real well), and write everything out ( that also didn't work that well, his handwriting isn't the best:) The kids got a kick out it saying that they want Grandpa on their team for Charades at the family reunion at the end of summer. We are so thankful that the surgery went well. We thank God for His healing touch.
So right before we left for vacation we had 2 of the families in our building of 4 move out. And just today one of my running partners and her family packed up the truck to move to Florida. It is really exciting but also a bit sad to have so many neat friends leaving. We are excited to hear more about the ministries God has been preparing for them. But at the same time the campus is getting really quiet compared to a month ago. It is a bit strange. We have already had two new neighbors move in and in fact at the moment we are getting ready for a Building 4 cookout to welcome the new guys. Our previous neighbor the Williams always organized the group cookouts in fact Scott the husband had quickly earned the name "Mr. Cookout" by the kids. That was pretty much all they knew him as. It was funny. Well I better run to cut up the watermelon.

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