Thursday, June 28, 2007


Caleb, Louis and Anna in front of the Muny

Sweet Little Buddies:)

The kids at the Botanical Gardens

Yes, the Hintz family has been busy with more free activities around the St. Louis area. My Dad has always said I can stretch a buck further than anyone he knows, but boy when it is free it is even better. St. Louis is full of free activities, perfect for the seminary family on a budget:)

Last Thursday I took Louis, Caleb and Anna to the Muny. It is a huge outdoor theater in Forest Park. This is the park about a mile from campus. Every night they have 1500 free seats available on a first come first serve basis. We went early and got to see a wonderful production of Oklahoma. The intermission was at 10:00pm. I wasn't sure if we would make it to the end, but the kids loved it and wanted to stay. It ended around 11:20pm. They were still awake, even Anna. Boy were they thrilled to see it and be up so late. It was really a lot of fun. They have a different performance each week so I am sure we will try to catch another.

Tuesday we went to Forest Park to have a picnic dinner with some friends and listen to a free Jazz concert outside of the History Museum. The kids had a blast playing together and trying to walk on Mr. Zieglers slack line. It was a line he had tied off between 2 trees and basically you try to balance and walk across it. It is maybe only 2 feet off the ground. It looks so easy, or I should say he made it look easy. The kids definitely had more balance than their mama. It was pretty funny.

Yesterday we spent the morning at the Botanical Gardens. It also is free every Wednesday and Saturday morning before noon. I am just totally amazed by all of the free things to do here. It was really pretty; beautiful flowers, trees, sculptures and more. It was a scorcher. I think being northerners we just aren't used to the heat. We were all really tuckered out by noon. Greg of course being from Houston has the southern blood. It was really fun to just be together and enjoy God's amazing creation. Speaking of God's beautiful creation. I was at a home school conference up in Wisconsin and the organization Answers in Genesis was there. Wow, do they have neat resources. I picked up a book on the Grand Canyon because we are going to visit some family out that direction and do some camping for a bit. The book is so cool; amazing pictures, but more importantly shows how the Grand Canyon was formed from a creationist standpoint, the biblical standpoint. It is a bit above the boys level, but we read 2 pages everyday and they are really into it. Wow, we can't wait to see in person the mighty, majestic work of God's hands. It is amazing how much I have to learn, having gone to public schools I can see how the evolutionist worldview was woven into so much that I learned. Not that I believed it, but I am excited to learn how I can defend my faith and prove God's mighty work in creation. I really want my kids to have a firm foundation in that as well. Enough rambling, but I tend to get excited about these things:) Blessings on your day!

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