Friday, April 20, 2007


The weather has been absolutely beautiful the last few days here in St. Louis. Last weekend we celebrated Easter and the new life we have in Christ because of His death and resurrection. We are so grateful for the free gift of Salvation. We are experiencing all kinds of new life here at the seminary. The above pictures chronicle the daily change in a bird's nest near by. We have been watching 2 birds build this nest over the last few weeks. It was so funny. They chose to make their nest in our next door neighbors gas grill. All day long they were back and forth with twigs, grass, wrappers, feathers, ... all sorts of things. They would fly in this little hole in the side of the lid of the grill. After a few days we opened the grill and found a little nest brewing. Everybody wanted to make sure the neighbors knew this was happening and didn't just start up their grill one day. Boy were these little birds busy. They built a huge nest. It is literally 18 inches wide by 10 inches deep. Soon we saw a few eggs... yesterday all five eggs. Today Anna told me that she thought she heard peeping. She thought the eggs had hatched. I thought she was imagining it or hearing other birds. She was right, 2 of the eggs had hatched. The kids were just astounded at the tiny, featherless birds. The bottom picture shows the 2 brand new birds. The top one has it bright yellow beak wide open. They were wiggling around like crazy. So precious! God's creation is so amazing. It has been really fun. We will see if any more hatch:)

We have had a fun week. Greg, Louis, and Caleb got a chance to go see the Cardinals play last Sunday. Our neighbors had extra tickets and invited the boys. They had a blast watching the game. That was quite a special treat for them. Today I went out to the country to visit with a mom that had just had her baby a few weeks back. I was her doula. It was fun to see this little guy again, who I had the privilege of seeing come into this world. Sometimes I really can't believe people allow me to be with them during such a special time in their lives. It is such an honor to be able to witness the miracle of birth. I have another mom from the seminary who is due in 2 weeks. I am also teaching one of my childbirth classes. I am really thankful that God has brought a little bit of work my way. Really I don't consider any of it work at all. I love it!

We are also watching our neighbor's 2 children this weekend. The kids have been looking forward to it all week. As of right now all 6 are down and sleeping. Hopefully it will be a quiet night. Tomorrow morning 5 out of the 6 kids have soccer games here on campus. It will be a fun morning... guaranteed fun for Greg, he is coaching 15 little four year olds. Right now Greg is recovering on the couch. Tonight he and our neighbor Mr. Louis (as the kids call him) took on a crew of 12 sem kids in a warm up game of soccer. They wore him out!

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