Saturday, April 7, 2007

All Have Recovered From the Flu Round 2 :)

Yes, you read that right... The flu round 2. About 3 weeks ago we had round 1, all but Caleb were sick. Then this last Monday one by one everyone but myself had another stomack bug. Thankfully it was a short one and by Wednesday everyone was on the mend. Unreal, besides this we have really had a very healthy winter season. Poor Caleb, he really had the worst of it this time. Literally every 1/2 hour he would call Greg or I in to pray with him that God would make him better. He wondered why it was taking soooo long. But by the next day we could say, "See God healed you:)" It is really neat to see their faith in action. Praise God we are all healthy, good health is such a blessing.
We have had a wonderful Easter week so far, except for the fact that our coming company wasn't able to make it. My brother John's family was also sick so they decided we better make it another weekend. So we may be spending Easter with just our family. We did invite some single guys on campus over to eat with us. We would love the company. Our church St. John's in Ellisville had an awesome Easter program last weekend that Pastor Hower had written. He is really talented. It was great. We've enjoyed focusing on the real reason for Easter by reading the Easter story and watching it in some Matthew videos that we have. The boys especially love the Matthew video. It is really well done. Greg and I are planning on watching the Passion tonight. It is so hard to watch, in such a real way, what Christ went through for us. Wow, what a Savior.
The first picture above is of Elijah. Yesterday we went to the Science Center. They had a real life child mummy. This is what inspired the picture above of JOJO. The kids were laughing so hard. The bigger ones get such a kick out of him. He really is a pretty funny kid. The next picture is of all four of them infront of some flowering trees near the chapel. They were beautiful.

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