Sunday, April 29, 2007


This last Wednesday was Call Day on campus. It kind of took me by surprise how the campus really came to life and how exciting it was for us. We were able to watch the vicarage and call services on the Internet. Man, my heart was pumping to find out where some of our dear fourth year friends will be serving in a few months. There were calls all the way from Alaska to Florida, and coast to coast. It kind of made the reality of things here a little more real to us. In one short year we will find out where God has planned for us to serve. Yikes, where will it be?Greg will get his vicarage assignment and hopefully it will be convertible which will make it our permanent call after a year. That is usually the way it works with the alternate route program here which is what Greg is doing. He has 2 years of course work and then vicarage. It was a really exciting week with lots of visitors on campus. I never really thought I would be saying this...But with this year passing soooo quickly, I know I will be really excited but so sad to leave this place and all of the special friends we have made here.
The top picture is of the boys and Brenden our neighbor at the Cardinal's game a week or so back. And then there is Louis picking up trash. He wrote an article for the campus newspaper that was published this month. So that was the picture that they put in with his article about keeping our campus clean. With so many kids on campus there can be lots of bits of trash lying around. Bummer. Anyways, it was fun for him and cute to see his response as people came up and talked to him about his article. He even got a phone call from a professor's wife who lives in Professor housing.
Greg is incredibly busy these days with the end of the quarter coming in a few weeks. At the moment he is feeling totally overwhelmed with the amount of work he needs to do. This usually happens this time in the quarter. He has spent the entire day in the basement studying and working on a paper. He does enjoy what he is learning it is just a bit challenging when it doesn't seem like there will be enough time to complete it all. We (the kids and I) are praying that the Lord gives him peace and determination during the BUSY times. That's about all for today, I am fixing pizza and popcorn for the 8 kids. Our 4 and our friends the Tiews children. We are switching date nights and babysitting once a month. They are dear friends from Tomball Texas. It is a real God thing how this all worked out. We were in a small group with them when Greg and I were teachers at Salem Lutheran in Tomball 8 years ago. Now they are our neighbors here at the seminary. We are actually planning a Texas small group reunion, with all 4 families in the Ozarks for 3 days this summer. We are looking forward to it:)

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